Taking Action Together

Taking Action Together

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Ready to move from climate anxiety to climate agency? Want to take coordinated, powerful actions? We’re with you – so let’s make it happen! Join us for this co-creation workshop, where we will explore the the climate-positive changes we’d like to see in our local communities and how, concretely, we can achieve them.

Climate Guardians is a platform for powerful, coordinated climate advocacy. We make it simple to discover powerful actions, send hyperpersonalised appeals to key decision makers and celebrate wins with each other.

This workshop will involve co-designing actions that inspire us, as well as the option of taking actions together using the Climate Guardians platform. You will come away with a greater awareness of the power you have to create positive climate impact in your life, and the encouragement of knowing you’re not alone. Along the way, you’ll have a lot of fun! We look forward to seeing you there!

Referent*in: Guy Sephton, Co-Founder Climate Guardians

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