The (in)convenience of Europe’s “green“ techno-economic fixes to climate change:

Re-imagining energy transition

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    12.00 - 14.00

    Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Climate Energy and Sustainability

Unser Workshop zielt darauf, AktivistInnen, ForscherInnen und sonstige InteressentInnen darüber zu sensibilisieren, welche (negative) Auswirkungen verschiedene Wege der (europäischen) Energiewende auf den Rest der Welt haben könnten und wie andere Alternativen durch internationale Zusammenarbeit und Vernetzung, unter anderem mit Berliner Institutionen, zusammen gedacht werden können.

As the warming of the earth accelerates and the related socioecologic catastrophes multiply, there is little scientific doubt that effective climate mitigation that will keep the planet below 1.5°C warming is possible without leaving most known fossil fuel reserves underground. This, together with the geopolitical imperative to become less reliant on fossil fuels use and imports from aggressive regimes such as Russia, has given further impetus to the process of transitioning as fast and completely as possible to an energy system based predominantly on renewable energy sources (RES), especially in the European Union. But can the idea of substituting fossil-fuel-based technologies in electricity generation, transportation, heating and industry for RES-based alternatives “fix” the climate and geopolitical conundrum we find ourselves in?. At what cost does that techno-economic fix occur? Who benefits? Who loses? How are the number of intertwined forces, including forces of capital and the state addressed that seek to erase, forget, make invisible?
Taking advantage of the presence of international guests and researchers from the DAAD-funded Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Climate, Energy and Sustainability (TRAJECTS), this workshop will first acquaint participants with some of the most popular “fixes” to the climate “problem” and the collectively explore which caveats and pitfulls can be easily identified, but are hardly being made explicit. Together, workshop participants and facilitators will then explore alternative pathways and facilitate interactive procress of re-imagining energy transitions where both humans and the earth flourish for the regeneration of life.

TRAJECTS wird seit Mai 2021 im Rahmen des DAAD Förderprogramms Globale Zentren für Klima und Umwelt mit Mitteln des Auswärtigen Amts gefördert. Die Projektleitung liegt bei der TU Berlin.

TRAJECTS ist das Transnationale Zentrum für gerechte Übergänge (just transitions) in den Bereichen Energie, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit. Sein Ziel ist es, den transkontinentalen Austausch, die Forschung und die Bildung im Bereich der Übergänge zu einer nachhaltigen Zukunft zu unterstützen und zu stärken.


Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Climate Energy and Sustainability – TRAJECTS:

Felipe Corral Montoya / Research Associate / Technische Universität Berlin
Michelle Pressend / Academic Coordinator / University of Cape Town, Südafrika
Nataly Diaz / Academic Coordinator / Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Prof. Dr. Harro von Blottnitz / University of Cape Town / Südafrika
Prof. Dr. Andrea Cardoso / Universidad del Magdalena / Colombia
Prof. Dr. Susana Barrera / Universidad Nacional de Colombia / Colombia

Climate Change Center DE

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